7th Grade Week 2

Hari Om!

Today’s session had multiple discussion topics. We talked about the five senses and how they help us learn about the world around us with unique experiences. We briefly discussed what differentiates a great teacher from a good teacher. Each of us shared our experiences with good teachers and how they always engaged them and were helpful with challenging topics. We all agreed, beyond good teaching and their willingness to help the great teachers are the ones who inspire us. A teacher could also be in the form of a book, a story or anything that inspires us.

We also reviewed the story of Rama in Ramayana and discussed what would be its most significant theme. In Ramayana, King Dasarath asks prince Rama to go on exile to forests. Rama goes willingly because he believes as a son it is his dharma (duty) to follow his father’s orders. King Dasarath banishes his son unwillingly to fulfill a boon granted to his wife. As a King, it is his dharma to honor his words. Sita went with Ram embracing hardships because it was her dharma to follow her husband. Lakshman went with Ram because it was his dharma to protect his brother. So in Ramayana, through different characters, we learn the importance of always doing our dharma.

7th Grade Week 2

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